Healing Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What does CranioSacral Therapy feel like?

Colorful bright aspen leaves against  blue sky - During the treatment clients can feel a range of sensations from tingling and warmth, to weightlessness or a “floaty” feeling. It is also possible that emotions may surface as tissues release.

The client does not need to undress to receive CST. It is very gentle, and the movements are quite subtle. The pressure is usually 5-10 grams — equivalent to the weight of a nickel or quarter. Some find it to be very deeply relaxing. During the treatment clients can feel a range of sensations from tingling and warmth, to weightlessness or a “floaty” feeling. It is also possible that emotions may surface as tissues release.

Can I talk during a session?

Many clients begin a CST session with conversation and become quiet as they relax. Others find that talking can help ease anxiety and aid in relaxation, however it is important to be aware that conversation can sometimes distract from the full experience. There may be times when the therapist will ask questions or initiate dialogue to help explore what is going on with your body. The extent of conversation is up to you and your comfort level. However, your feedback is very important, so if you are uncomfortable for any reason please speak up!

How do I know if I need Distance Healing or an office visit?

It’s not uncommon for individuals to benefit from a combination of hands-on work and distance work. Most clients agree the distance work allows us to more quickly uncover additional underlying aspects to their situation or condition. Local clients have employed Distance Healing to help experience breakthroughs in their process.

What can I expect during a Distance Healing appointment?

The therapist will call you at the scheduled time. We will start with a brief discussion to get updates and determine goals for the session. If you’re a new client that discussion may be a bit more extensive. During the call there may be brief moments of silence as the therapist works. Questions may be asked to help clarify or identify related issues. It is strongly suggested that traditional earbuds be used if taking the call from a mobile phone. (NO wireless please!)

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my session?

Having the intake form completed when you arrive for your first appointment will allow us to make the best use of our available time together. It will be important to be properly hydrated. If you’re coordinating your appointment with other care such as chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy it would be optimal to schedule your appointment with Mary on days when you haven’t seen other providers or after you’ve seen them. If your appointment is in the office please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or fragrances. It is strongly suggested that all electronic devices be left in your car or completely powered off.

What can I expect after a session?

Everyone’s experience will be different, and how you feel after one session might be completely different than after another. Some people feel immediate shifts, others may experience those shifts the next day or even a week later. Some clients will need multiple sessions before they feel a shift. As your body heals it will be important to be gentle with the process—it’s advised that even if you feel completely better right after a session only do things at about 50% of your energy expenditure. At times people feel worse after a session. This can sometimes be a normal response to healing as the body reorganizes to the changes established during a session. If this happens it is important to stay in contact with the therapist so she can best determine how to assist you.