No More Pain

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Mary’s services have helped me through the last year, and I appreciate all of her help. I made my first appointment after hearing from a friend who spoke highly of Mary and how much she was helped by their sessions. I had been having difficulty with my hips, neck and lower back. I began going on a weekly basis and saw much improvement. I was skeptical when I started. Mary was hardly putting any pressure on the affected areas, yet a few days later, I noticed a markable difference in how I felt and how I could move. Eventually I only needed to go once a month.

The results have been amazing. I walk with no more pain, do barn chores without assistance and my body has become so much more relaxed than before. It is still weird to me how this all works -but it does!

I believe in this work so much that I bought a distance session for my 89 year old mom. She had complained of low energy and wasn’t herself–more negative than ever before. She dreaded mornings and getting up even though she had slept well. I was on the phone with Mary while Mom slept.

After the therapy she began to have more energy, saw the brighter side of things and is overall still doing well. It amazes me that sessions can be done over the phone. They still have the same benefits as being with Mary in person, and it’s is not just a quick fix. Mom continues to improve each week.

— C.M.